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HARGA 1499

Arabic text of the complete Quran (114 Surah)
Reciation audio of the complete Quran in the voice of Sheikh Sudais & Sheikh Shuraim
Translation of the Interpretation of the meanings of the Quran in 22 Languages
Beautiful Uthmanic Arabic text style
Can select any Surah or Ayah of the Quran using easy and quick menu
Book marking of last Surah/Ayah
Audio repeat option for any single or group of selected verses
Multiple verses can be displayed in one screen
Current verses are highlighted with different color

The collection of recitation audio of the top most famous ten Qaries in the world in an easy to select interface.
Sheikh Saud Al-Sharaim
Mishari Bin Rashid Al Aafasi
Abdul Basit
Sheikh Muhammad Ayyub
Sheikh al-Hudhaify
Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi
Ahmad bin Al-Ajmi
Sheikh Mohammad Jibreel
Abu Bakr Al-Shatri & English
Translation (verbal) by Junaid
Wahid Zafar Qasmi & Urdu Translation (verbal) by Shamshad Ali Khan

Complete Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an of the following books:
Tafseer Ibn-e-Katheer (Arabic)
Tafseer Ibn-e-Katheer (English)
Tafseer Jalaleen
Can select any Surah or verse of the Quran for reading the Tafseer.
Verses of Quran quoted in Tafseer have complete "araab" in text.
Bookmarking of the last part of tafseer read.

Collection of the famous Hadith books including tyhe following:
Sahih Bukhari (Arabic)
Sahih Muslim (Arabic)
Riadhus-Solihin (English)
Can select the Chapter and section of the Hadith books with easy to use navigation menu.
Can scroll through different hadiths using the next and previous navigation buttons or the touch screen.

Collection of daily use supplications in Arabic and English like before putting up new clothes or going out of the house etc.
Supplications taken from the famous Dua book of Hisnul Mulsim.
Easy menu navigation for reading different supplications (Dua).

Prayer Timmings of the 6 daily prayers:
Fajar - Syuruq - Zohor - Asar - Maghrib - Isya'

Prayer times calculated using the "World Muslim League" method.
Prayer Times for all major cities of the world exceeding in hundereds of thousands.
Select your country and then city once and then the device will always keep you updated with your local prayer time.
Enable/Disable Alarm for any prayer Time.
Can select your Juristic to have effect of change in some prayer times.

Shows the Qibla Direction relative to the True North for your local selected City.
Kaaba icon is graphical drawn with the graphical compass to indicate the Qibla Direction.
Seperate magnetic analog compass is provided with the device to get the direction.
The Qibla Direction is always measured clockwise from the North.

Location: (Country/City)
Juristic: (Hanfi, Shafii, Malki, Hambili)
Menu Language (Arabic/English)

Quran Translation (22 Languages):
Albanian - Azerbaijani - Bosnian - Dutch - English - Finnish - French - German - Indonesian - Italian - Malaysian
Persian - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Thai - Turkish - Spanish - Swahili - Urdu - Latin -

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